Study 2

Cognitive changes during pregnancy: Product of a major life event or unique effect?

What is this study about?

This study is interested in investigating whether cognitive differences often reported by pregnant women are also observed among non-pregnant people experiencing other major life events unrelated to pregnancy (e.g., divorce, promotion, work stress, etc.). This study primarily focuses on comparing pregnant women’s memory and executive functioning performance to that of non-pregnant individuals experiencing major life events unrelated to pregnancy. To achieve this aim, we will use a range of different self-report and objective online questionnaires and tasks to measure memory and executive functioning performance among pregnant adult women and non-pregnant adults. This study is part of a larger program of research investigating the effects of pregnancy on women’s cognitive functioning.

Who is eligible for this study?

In order to take part in this study, you must have no prior history of significant medical or psychiatric illness and have no prior history of significant head injury or trauma.

This study requires three groups of adults aged between 18-45 years old to be part of this study. These are either 1) women who are currently pregnant at any trimester; and 2) women who are not currently pregnant; and 3) men who are fathers, fathers-to-be, and non-fathers (all are welcome!).

What does this study involve?

Individuals interested in the study will be asked to participate in two parts. These are as follows:

Part 1 (15 minutes):

Upon commencement of this study, you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire which includes information such as age, schooling, employment, and personality traits.

Part 2 (15 minutes):

Once you have completed the online questionnaire (Part 1), you will be automatically re-directed to a set of online behavioural cognitive tasks.

The total duration of your participation in this study is approximately 45 minutes. All information collected during this study is completely anonymous and cannot be identified by the research team or any external parties.

Please note that Parts 1 and 2 of this study will be completed online as one single session.

Where is this study located? 

This study is located online and can be completed at a time and place convenient for you (for example, your home). We kindly ask that you complete this study at a time and in a place where you will be free of distractions for approximately 45 minutes.

Is there any reimbursement?

No. There is no reimbursement offered for this study.

I want to participate. How can I start?

To begin your participation in this study, please click the following link:

Baby Brain Research Project – Study 2 (Online)